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My name is Edward Smith and I am a Web Programmer and Developer based in Nottingham.

Despite being just 28 I already have over 10 years experience in industry across all areas of Web Programming. My professional development career started out at just eighteen with a junior web developer role, where I learnt to master all the trickery of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. During this time I was involved in many front end website development projects as well as learning about Search Engine Optimisation. Following this I decided to undertake a BSc degree in Web Programming, fast forward four years and I graduated with a First class honours degree with solid experience in Object Orientated Programming, SQL and much more including a years work placement period. Fresh out of University I took on an ASP.NET C# Junior Web Programmer opportunity and within the first year quickly progressed through the ranks to a Lead Web Programmer role. After many years working between small, large and global leading companies I now provide worldwide freelance work whilst travelling the globe.

As well as programming I am somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, so you could say I’m not your average programmer. I have been undertaking extreme sports from a young age, especially anything with a board including skateboarding, snowboarding and wake boarding. I did gymnastics for many years so balance and agility from this have played a huge part, plus I can do a backflip which is always a crowd pleaser. When I am not programming or ‘boarding’ I can usually be found in the gym lifting weights, working out to improve my overall strength and fitness. In line with the extreme sports persona I enjoy listening to various genres of rock music, going to gigs on a regular basis and festivals such as Download and Sonisphere every year. I also have a keen interest in languages and have been learning French and Spanish privately on a regular basis for over a year.

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